Eirikr Tenorbrook

A young nobleman of Dale that left the city and his family's wealth to start a quiet life in Esgaroth with his wife. He is a natural hunter and fisherman and feels most at home in the woods.

Eirikr is a serious young man and has a tendency to be a bit dour, but he is fair and when relaxed can have an easy and charming smile. He deeply loves his siblings, Anyatka and Abiorn, and bears the scars on his back to prove it. After his father, Kolrson, "summoned" him to Dale in order to give him the task of chasing down his sister when she fled the city, he traveled to Bree to seek her out.

He recently lost his wife Ninim in childbirth after returning to Dale with the Elf Eruviel to save her and Abiorn from the tyrannical watch of his father. The child's father is in question since Kolrson so considerately appointed his goon Sten as guard over Ninim and the man took full advantage of the situation. The boy was left with a Beorning and his family on the western edges of the Mirkwood as he would not have survived the journey through the Mines of Moria.

Eirikr spent a good amount of time lost in the Chetwood after returning to Bree. He bought the small fisherman's cabin in the village of Durrow-on-Dunwash and joined the Wayfarers.

After their job in Dol Amroth, he returned to the Beornings to retrieve the child left there the year before. He currently lives up the street from his cabin with his Elf friend, Eruviel, and the child Eboric. He has yet to claim Eboric as his own, and he seems very reluctant to talk about the baby's parentage.

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