Name: Einar
Race and Heritage: Rohan, Eaworth
Age and DoB: 35, August 11th
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Blond and kept just above his shoulders. He keeps his mustache and beard trimmed as long as he is able, but makes no effort to do so in the field, impressing some of the more beard-envious members of the Guild.
Eyes: Dark blue
Physique and Features: Tall and broad of shoulder, like most Rohirrim. His back and shoulders bear the scars of large burns. They aren't recent, but it doesn't seem likely they'll ever heal.

Family: If he has any family, he's never spoke of them.
Friends/Enemies: He seems to keep to himself, earning him few enemies, but also few friends. He shares a bunk with Rand Tucker but they say little to each other beyond 'Good night'.
Pets: A buckskin gelding named Ai, which leads to all sorts of crazy "Who's on First" type shenanigans. He's considered renaming him.
Guild Role: Guard
Skills: Riding (3), combat-melee (3), hunting (2)

Other Facts

  • The longest sentence anyone has heard him say utter was only three words - "Move that shit." He did follow up with a "…please…" after a few moment's pause.
  • He and Ai are capable of riding for many hours without needing to take a break. There's a large, wide-mouthed bottle he keeps strapped to his saddle that he's never seen taking a drink from.
  • He is incredibly patient and nonjudgmental. He just doesn't want to get close to people for some reason.
  • He brushes Ai 100 strokes before going out for his afternoon rides.
  • He talks to horses (like all good men of the Mark should).
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