The Dragon Mother

A summons was called in Durrow for any willing to help in a dangerous task. It turned out to be the request of Hrafen and Nathwen, asking for help in finding Nathwen's mother, Nordis. The task sounded simple initially, but it quickly escalated into extremes. Nordis, along with Nathwen, had run afoul of servants of the Dark Lord a notably unspecified number of years ago. In their effort to appease and impress the Dark Lord, attempted to create new dragons for his armies. Their efforts obviously failed, but Nordis carried a tentative success - With a powerful mate, she could hatch a clutch of dragons through skinchanging. Although Nordis and Nathwen escaped, Nordis had not kept all of her sanity. For some number of years, she was imprisoned in Gondor, so as to not follow her instincts that would drive her to breed. She had escaped once ten years prior, but was tracked down quickly by Hrafen and Nathwen. Now, she had escaped again, and was believed to be in the valleys of Angmar, searching for potential mates.

Accompanied by Nathwen, the volunteers went north to search. Carmanadh expressed concern over Nathwen following them into the flocks of drakes, believing she may be taken over by her instincts as well. Although she disagreed, she remained behind.

After carving through several drakes, they made their way to the top of the valley, unprepared for what they had come across. A huge, male drake laid dead beneath a towering cruel looking female with molten black scales. They assumed her to be Nordis, who flew away upon being discovered.

She was found in another valley some days later, sleeping. Maludir and Atanamir were both insistent on not killing her outright, while Feygil and Carmanadh argued against them. Mathdor seemed largely undecided, but they eventually decided to allow Maludir to try to speak with her. After waking, Nordis did not immediately eat Maludir, and the two spoke. Nordis knew well what she would do by bringing dragons back to the world. She argued that all men would fall to shadow, anyway, and she could teach her children to destroy the evil men as well. Maludir convinced her not to allow her hatred to spawn new grief, and they eventually came to the decision that she would go somewhere far beyond to raise her young in peace.

Before Nordis left, she stopped on a high cliff to say her temporary farewell to Nathwen, who took the form of a silvery cold drake to watch over the others.

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