Dorsett Lacewood


A pleasant, kind, and thoroughly likable man of Bree-land. He feigns education well, and is a great lover of books and tea.

Early Life

The eighth child and son of Ormod Lacewood of Bree, a successful candle-maker, and his second wife Peggy. He has seven older brothers, and one younger sister.

From a very young age Dorsett adored books, letters, any form of writing he could get his hands on. Before he possessed the ability read he had an unnerving tendency to stare uncomprehendingly at lettering, and when he had learned to read steadily, the obsession and adoration of anything literary only increased.

He was given only a working man's education, but his natural inclination towards reading allowed him to pick up very quickly on literate skills. By the age of twelve he could read and write better than most adult men in Bree.

Later Life and Hoarding Problem

Dorsett's love of books continued steadily through his teenage years. He worked unofficially at the Archives whenever possible, but though he was highly valued he was unable to obtain an apprenticeship or a more stable position.

After gaining some connections and proving his worth, Dorsett managed to secure himself a number of irregular jobs in both the Archives and the Bree-town Hall, doing all the dull sort of record-keeping and copying that is the epitome of boredom for most. Dorsett loved it. The jobs allowed him to rent out a tiny flat above a shop in the center of town, where he lived quite comfortably in the small space for many years.

An income, however unsteady, gave Dorsett the idea that he could send out for and purchase a great number of books. What started out as a hobby grew into a much larger problem as his collection increased. Though aware of his obsession, Dorsett remained unwilling to part with even the most useless of journals, and for nine years he lived in an increasingly shrinking space as his piles of books grew into mountains in his small flat.

At the end of this span of years Dorsett managed to rouse himself from the hoard; first by venturing out more regularly into the social landscape of Bree, and then, nervously, by seeking help in cleaning out his flat, a subject that he was very embarrassed about. His salvation came in the form of Sage, a cheerful and literary-minded stable-hand, whom Dorsett eventually hired to sort books— and remove them as he saw fit, when Dorsett wasn't looking.

Gradually, Dorsett entered a romantic relationship with Atanamir, and after several months moved to Atanamir's considerably larger house/library. They lived together for another few months besides, before Atanamir ended the relationship and returned to his former master Azulgar.

Present Life in Bree

Dorsett now lives in his old flat in Bree once more. In his spare time, he grows catnip for his cat Inkwell, and assists his large extended family in whatever way he can. He can often be found conversing cheerily with scholars in the Archives, and is frequently seen in the company of Jade and Sage.

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