In life, Dolmanadh was an ambitious and forward-thinking noble of Minas Tirith. He founded House Dolmanadh, of which Landuin and Oendir are both a part. Dolmanadh was good friends with EƤrnur, the last king of Gondor.

Dolmanadh was killed in Fornost, where he was chained to a tree and left to be pecked to death by a flock of crebain in front of his two sons. This created a deep ancestral psychosis that passed down through Dolmanadh's line, and is the reason behind Landuin's pervasive fear of the wilderness.

After his death, Dolmanadh became a shade, bound to the world by his terror and rage. Through the combined efforts of Landuin and Oendir, he was released from his centuries-long torment but remained in the world as a shade. He now lingers by Landuin, the heir to his line, and is the main reason that Landuin remembers anything about his past before his memory loss.

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