The Durrow Directory

The following is a list of houses and their owners in the village of Durrow-on-Dunwash.

High Street

1 High Street — The Ravenhold Estate, home to The Wayfarers' Guild.
2 High Street — Home of Varidia, Wayfarer and local healer.
3 High Street — Unoccupied. On the market.
Long Street

1 Long Street — Unoccupied. On the market.
2 Long Street — Home and office of Osbeorne, the local blacksmith.
3 Long Street — Unoccupied. On the market.
4 Long Street — Home of Moramarth Seregwil, Ravenhold's groundskeeper and handyman.
5 Long Street — The Broken Cask Inn & Tavern, run by Rosemead Locksley.
6 Long Street — Unavailable.
7 Long Street — Home of Frank.
8 Long Street — The Stonebluff Historical Society Museum & Library, curated by Nallo the Younger.

Broadford Street

1 Broadford Street — Snowdrop Nursery.
2 Broadford Street — Unavailable.

Chestnut Street

1 Chestnut Street — Home of Hallem Kemp, Wayfarer.
2 Chestnut Street — Home of Valthier and Sadie.
3 Chestnut Street — Home of Gaelyn Fletcher and his son, Atrian.
4 Chestnut Street — Unoccupied. On the market.
5 Chestnut Street — Unoccupied. On the market.
6 Chestnut Street — Home of Oendir Arrowheart, former Commander of The Wayfarers' Guild, and his son Solstan.
7 Chestnut Street — Home of Eirikr Tenorbrook, Wayfarer, and his younger siblings, Abiorn and Anyatka.
8 Chestnut Street — Home of Eruviel, Wayfarer.
9 Chestnut Street — Hearthsong Theatre

Fountain Street

1 Fountain Street — Unoccupied. On the market.
2 Fountain Street — Home of Rosemead Locksley and her daughter Glory.
3 Fountain Street — Home of Kemendin Mahtanárë, Wayfarer.
4 Fountain Street — Unavailable.

Garden Street

1 Garden Street — Home of Scield, Wayfarer.
2 Garden Street — Home of Cwendlwyn, Wayfarer, and her daughter Neilia.
3 Garden Street — Unoccupied. On the market.
4 Garden Street — Home of Feygil Valadil, Wayfarer.

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