A fierce white mallorn-hawk from the Golden Wood. The hunger Oendir Arrowheart found him when he fell from his nest as a chick. The Lady Galadriel permitted Oendir to care for the bird, so Oendir brought him back to Bree-land to live with him. His name means 'good friend.'

Devon is a proud and aggressive creature. He shrieks when strangers get to close to him. Only Oendir and his son Solstan are allowed to pat the hawk. He has still not warmed to Oendir's new wife, Cwendlwyn, though he does attempt to nest in her hair.

Devon is deeply loyal to Oendir, upon whom he imprinted. He acts as Oendir's eyes in the forest, and will carry messages for him. He is fond of nibbling Oendir's ear while perched on the man's shoulder.

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