Dequan Fai

An infamous member of Dol Amroth's ever growing criminal underworld. Dequan Fai is a sailor and trader of Khand, and a well-established independent smuggler and fence. With ties to several different criminal organizations, Dequan Fai was able to carve out a comfortable living for himself in the shadowy trade.

He overreached his bounds, however, when the House of Obsidian contracted him to obtain the heir of House Aearanel. Though he did eventually succeed through intimidation of an Illumin apprentice, he quickly found he had dug himself too deep with a Knight-investigator, senior Illumin, and a member of the Mormerili on his tail. He was caught after a brief chase, but he left three Illumin apprentices dead, nearly four, and a severely wounded heir of Aearanel behind him. His fate, publicly, was death, but in truth, he was given to the Headmistress of the Ivory Tower to let her decide his fate.

Dequan Fai now works as an agent of Mormerili, using his connections to enter and speak with those the Mormerili cannot.

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