Deoward Stormhelm

A bold and mighty young Captain of the Éothéod who dwelled nearly 1,000 years before the War of the Ring. He was named for the winged silver helm he wore, which flashed like lightning when the sunlight struck it.

He was tall and fair among his kin, with a waterfall of wavy golden hair that fell to his hips. Most who knew him believed him to be the son of the Rhi Helvarch, or Hunstman, and it was said that he could skinchange into a great stag.

He was the first to join the cause of a mysterious man called The Bard, and therefore the first of the Children of Gailion. He and his companions signed the Covenant of Arestel on the shores of Nen Hithoel.

Little is known of Deoward's later life, though it is said he had many children, and fought many battles in the name of light and good. He died relatively young from mortal battle wounds, in the lap of his lifelong lover, Alduara.

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