Lady Gwenithel's most trusted adviser, and a head teacher at the Ivory Tower School, as well as the head of the Mormerili. She was a calm and even-tempered woman of mixed Easterling descent who had a reputation for fairly considering all sides of an argument. She seemed never to have a foul word to say about anyone. Even a little time spent in her company revealed that she was a deeply learned and highly schooled individual.

Deludhae was originally a slave, brought to Dol Amroth on a slave ship when such trades were still permitted in the city. Lady Gwenithel bought her freedom, and enrolled her in her school for girls. She was the mentor of Cirieldis during the younger woman's years at the Ivory Tower, and the two were close friends as well.

Deludhae, hidden by her Mormerili guise, was responsible for Ciri's abduction from the docks of Dol Amroth a few weeks after Ciri's recent return. Later, she betrayed Lady Gwenithel and assisted a small group of the Wayfarers and their allies in escaping the Ivory Tower when they attempted to rescue Ciri. She accompanied the group that went to apprehend Gwenithel during the corsair attack on the city, and perished during her battle with Morwing whilst the others pressed on ahead.

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