The Broken Cask

The Broken Cask is a player-run heavy roleplay tavern where RPers can bring their characters for an evening of immersive fun in an authentic Breeish setting. Patrons can help themselves to dinner, which is set out on the central table, or order drinks from the tavern staff. Come join us for good food, fine drink, and even finer company. You never who who you might meet!

Location: 5 Long Street, Durrow, Bree-land homesteads
Open Hours: Wednesdays, 9 PM to 12 AM EST


House Rules

(Posted on the front door)

  • Absolutely no weapons in the main hall. All weapons must be stored in cubbies in the foyer. See a staff member for keys.
  • Brawling is strictly prohibited in the main hall. Please keep altercations to the yard.
  • No pets allowed in the main hall, unless they are good mousers.
  • Tabs may be settled at the end of your visit.

OOC Code of Conduct

  • Be courteous and kind to all your fellow RPers. If your character is rude or disruptive by nature, we encourage you to give others a heads up OOC via /tell so they know what to expect.
  • The Broken Cask is a heavy RP tavern. This means you must be in character at all times! If you have something OOC to say, please keep it to tells, or mark it as OOC by using parentheses, etc.
  • If a staff member (anyone wearing the Broken Cask kinship tag) asks you to do something OOC, you must comply or you may be asked to leave.
  • Please do not spam in /say or /emote. The Cask can get very crowded, and it's hard enough for RPers to follow their own conversations as is!


Today's Menu (MM.DD.YYYY)


With a side of stuff


Drink List

House Golden Ale — Light and sweet, this honey-colored ale is a regular favorite, so much so that a giant cask of it is always kept brimming in the main hall. Guests are welcome to help themselves to a tankard (or two, or three…)

Dragon-heart — Considered the king of wines in the Westfold. A smooth, rich, and powerful red wine with notes of hay and woodsmoke.

Saermelui — Named by one of The Cask's most frequent elven patrons, this dry, bittersweet red wine is true to its name. Light and powerful at once.

Scholar's Red — Rich and oakey with a hint of cranberry, this complex wine is a favorite amongst patrons seeking a drink with sophisticated flavor.

Swan-feather — A pale white wine with a sweet, fruity flavor. An imitation of the wine with the same name made in Dol Amroth's legendary vineyards.

Boronbereth's Autumn Leaf — A whimsical golden white wine popular because of its warm, spicy flavours of clove and cinnamon.

Axe-maid Stout — A strong, dark and bitter dwarven stout. Named for Synnova Aethewyn of Dale, the first patron with a gut strong enough to handle the stuff.

Bolger's Lager — A warm, cheerful malted beer lovingly brewed by Alfiric "Papa" Bolger of Bywater. More discerning palates might notice a distinct nutty, cheesy flavor underneath the malt.

Bubble and Buzz — A thick, complexly-flavored honeymead brewed exclusively for The Cask.

Applejack — A strong hard cider made with mulling spices. A favorite winter brew said to have a smell much like that of a snowy evening.

Ashmead's Pride — A mysterious hard cider of unknown origin, masterfully crafted to be the perfect blend of rich and delicate. Tart, with a smokey aftertaste that lingers like soft fire on the tongue.

Tumbledown — There is a brew so sweet and brown. The locals call it "Tumbledown." An that's because that's what you'll do… Right after you have had a few!


Things to Do at The Broken Cask

  • Bring an instrument and play a tune for the staff and your fellow patrons.
  • Walk the grounds and gardens with a friend.
  • Find someone new and strike up a conversation with them.
  • Offer a staff-member assistance with their current task.
  • Browse the tavern's impressive collection of old maps, books, and scrolls in the study.
  • Explore the main hall: feed the bird, admire the fine carpentry and smithwork, and say hello to Alewolf and Piebear, the tavern's mascots.
  • Board your mount in the stables, take a rejuvenating bath, and then retire to one of the Cask's beautiful guest rooms.
  • Relax, talk with friends, meet new people, and enjoy!


Booking Information

With sufficient prior notice, third parties can book The Broken Cask as a venue for events of all varieties. Perfect for birthday parties, weddings, story nights, and other celebrations! Booking includes:

  • Use of the Cask and grounds for the duration of the event
  • Lodging for any and all characters interested in staying through the night
  • A multi-course meal catered by Rosemead, designed by you or Chef's Choice.

To book the Cask for an event, please send an in-game mail to Rosemead with the following information:

  • The date and time you wish to reserve
  • The kinship (or other organization) hosting the event
  • The reason for the event
  • A rough estimate of how many people you expect to attend
  • A detailed description of the desired meal (if you want us to decide, say Chef's Choice here)

To guarantee availability, it is best to schedule your event during one of our open nights (see the Schedule tab for exact dates). All other dates and times are subject to Rosemead's availability.

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