A former war-lord of the Trév Gállorg tribe in Angmar.

Born to a Dunedain captive and an Angmarim Captain, Daran (then known as Ge-bar) was raised in Angmarim camps along side the men, Orcs, and wargs. His father, a cruel man, mistreated the boy and would force him to kill the captives they had little use for.

When he was eight years old, Daran served as a runner in a battle between the Free People's and Trév Gállorg, and the forces of Angmar. His leg broken, the boy's short life was nearing an end when an Elf appeared, saving him from both the Angmarim and her own allies. His father the last to fall to her blade, Daran pleaded for death, and was instead swept off to the Trév Gállorg camp.

Healing quickly, Daran found his only friends to be the Elf Eruviel who had saved him, and a Ranger by the name of Cade. The boy quickly proved his loyalty, however, and though it took a long time, he eventually earned his place among the tribe, becoming a driving force in fighting back the enemy. He was known to most for being quiet and cold, but his hunters knew better and were entirely devoted to him

Years later, and not long after Eruviel joined The Wayfarers, Daran was shot while on a scouting mission. The Elf unable to be reached in time, his body was burned on a pyre north east of the hillmen village.

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