Daernil (The Dagorant)

A Dúnadan Ranger born to a small village in the hills of Emyn Muial, west of Lake Evendim. On the eve of his wedding, a cargul attacked his village. He and some of the other Rangers went out to meet it and drive it back into the forest, but Daernil was overcome, and gravely wounded by the cargul. The village chieftan drove the cargul away wielding his sword, Dagorant, but Daernil had already succumbed to the cargul's taint. The chieftan saw this, and ordered his rangers back inside the village walls, knowing that Daernil was lost to them.

Silevren, the younger sister of Daernil's betrothed, also loved Daernil. When she saw him shambling toward the village, she opened the gate to let him in, unaware that he was now a cargul. With the strength and skill of a Ranger and the dark power of a Cargul, Daernil easily slew most of the unsuspecting village, including his own bride, and then fled into the forest.

Devastated, Silevren took up the Dagorant and gave chase. For decades she hunted him, vowing that she would end him in the name of her sister and the man she had loved.

Decades later, the cargul who had once been Daernil (dubbed The Dagorant by Silevren) crossed paths with The Wayfarers' Guild in the Enedwaith. Though neither wanted anything to do with the other, fate continued to throw them together. The Dagorant began to feel a connection to the Wayfarers, and in spite of his nature, found himself protecting them against harm. Eventually they came together in the Gravenwood south of Dunland, where they discovered that the cargul who had sired The Dagorant was Castellan Wisdan, the same cargul that had been hunting the Wayfarers for years. Working together, they slew it, giving Castellan's soul peace after centuries of strife.

At war with himself, The Dagorant followed the Wayfarers to Lothlórien, where he was captured by the Marchwardens. They brought him before Galadriel, who saw that there was goodness in him still, and broke his bow to list the shadows from him. His humanity returned, Daernil stayed in Lórien to recover, and was given a kitten by his Elven healer to help him ease his nightmares. He named the kitten Nim.

Silevren stayed by him in Lórien, and again when he travelled into Mirkwood in pursuits of the Wayfarers again. He helped them to rescue Beacher Bailey from Dol Guldur, and then followed them back to Bree-land. Silevren continued to remain by his side, and in the autumn they wed, together and in love at last after a lifetime of heartbreak.

Dearnil took up with the Wayfarers, and stood alongside them through many trials, and came to befriend Hallem Kemp. All the while he hid the gradual decay of his body, which had been too tainted for too long to recover fully from his life as a cargul. When the Wayfarers travelled to Forochel to help Panja reunite his people, Daernil and the others learned of the legendary ice-spear Kylma-keihäs, and the blood sacrifice necessary to wield it. Daernil understood that it was his purpose to be that sacrifice.

When Panja and his companions at last discovered the Kylma-keihäs thrust into the ice, Daernil forbade anyone else from going near it. He wrenched it from the ice and threw it toward Panja, and the ice beneath him cracked and broke. Daernil fell to his death in the frigid waters of the ice-bay below.

Some days later, far across the bay, Oendir and the rest of the Wayfarers entered into a seer-induced dream to learn the truth of Forochel's bloody past. Daernil's spirit visited their shared dream to protect them from a dangerous demon before departing from the world. When the Wayfarers awoke, they knew this meant that their friend had died.

Silevren went into isolation to mourn the death of her mate. The Ranger Aradir, who also loved Silevren, adopted Nim for her sake. When it came time for the Kylma-keihas to be returned to the spirit world, it was Hallem Kemp who drove it into the ocean, and he swore later that he had felt Daernil's steady arm guiding his throw.

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