A young noble, nephew of the popular and flamboyant nobleman, Thenedin. Unlike his uncle, Dadhren's current popularity in Dol Amroth comes from the mystery he exudes (Indeed, none had heard of the young man until he came to take refuge in Dol Amroth), and his compelling confidence. Rumors of him are often scandalous in nature, most of which suggest he is apt in the seduction of maids and other young women who cross his path. Darker rumors say that Thenedin is, for some reason, terrified of his nephew, and allowed him to do what he will.

In his short few months in the city, he has established himself with elegant tact and cunning among the nobles of Dol Amroth. He occasionally accompanies Claur of House Baudh to events and and the like, the two having a friendship built upon rivalry.

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