Cynewynne Cook

A brave, noble, and big-hearted Dalish marine. She is daughter to Frithvail and the older sister of Broddi. She is the descendant of the famous Dalish warrior Broddi Bloodsworn.

Struck deaf by a fever at a young age, Cynewynne has since become an accomplished reader of lips and is fluent in Dalish Sign. She keeps a large and loyal hound named Huanling, who helps alert her when others are speaking.

Cynewynne holds herself to fierce and rigid moral code, which is often challenged in a world of choices and compromises. She was one of the founding members of The Wayfarers' Guild, and has remained a loyal soldier to Oendir despite their frequent clashes of opinion.

She runs a Dalish fusion cafe called The Bookish Dragon, located in Bree-town along the Scholar's Walk.

Here's her dog Huanling.

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