Cwenwith Hollowbark

Cwenwith comes from a rather unremarkable family in Bree. Neither rich nor excessively poor, the Hollowbark family originally was what many would just consider ‘normal’. She and her sister, Heather, were born as twins and as they grew, they were inseparable. The girls were lucky to be tutored in reading and writing. While her sister took it more seriously, Cwenwith had more of a desire to explore and be free. Despite their differences in personalities, the two got along famously- completing chores together, finishing each other’s sentences, and generally were two peas in a pod.

Unfortunately, at the age of 12, a terrible and unfortunate accident befell her sister Heather. It was as simple as the young girl tripping during a game of tag within the woods, hitting her head on a rock. The death was devastating to the entire family, especially Cwenwith. Her mother placed the blame on her, pressing the idea that if only Cwenwith wouldn’t have encouraged her sister to act like a ‘wild-child’, Heather would still be alive today. The father neither agreed nor disagreed, and instead dealt with the tragedy by closing off from the entire situation, burying himself in work.

As time went on, Cwenwith closed off more to her family and took to spending most of her time in the woods either watching nature, or hunting to provide food. Her father passed away naturally, leaving only she and her mother behind. Their relationship still struggles, and is unlikely to mend.

Now, she simply lives day to day, though never forgetful of her ‘other-half’, thanks to a recurring dream of her sister trying to show her something. Despite her constant state of discerning this dream, she has yet to figure out what it means. Her activities include taking care of her now sick mother, and doing what little she can to take care of the various orphans around Bree. Due to a chance encounter with a random elf, Cwenwith now has the capabilities to aid the children financially.

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