Cwendlwyn Tain

A pleasant, if somewhat jaded, woman of Rohan. She currently resides in The Shire, and is an accomplished cook and gardener.

Birthday: Feb 2
Age: 37

Early Childhood

Cwen was born in a small hamlet near Aldberg in the East-mark. Her mother Hiedwyn and father Framham were herbalists and healers, though her father came to the hamlet as somewhat of a vagabond.

When she was seven, her family journeyed west to the Isen river where a rare herb grew on the banks only once a year. A small group of bandits ambushed the travelers and Hiedwyn was killed. Framham escaped down the river with Cwen and they traveled, never to return to their home, until settling beyond the Gap of Rohan on the northern banks of the Adorn River.

Flight from the Mark

Cwen and her father quickly established themselves as healers and handypersons in the small village of Riverwide. Cwen struggled to fit in as strangers - especially dark-haired ones - were viewed as suspicious and threatening to many of the villagers. Over time, she befriended the thane's daughter, Freida, and that friendship helped her adjust to life on the river.

While skirmishes with the Dunlendings were always a problem, no one imagined the village would come under such a large scale attack such as the one that destroyed it. Cwen’s father and fiance were spies and after allowing Tyne to use her, Framham Tain left his daughter for dead. Having survived, she made her way north until she was found by a scout from a Westemnet camp by the name of Danick. He took her to the Watchtower in the foothills of the White Mountains where she recovered.

Unfortunately, the camp was overrun by Dunlendings and Danick sacrificed himself to save her. She fled north until she reached The Shire.

Rich Lands and Hearty Folk

Cwen found refuge in the Shire lands of Buckland where she was taken in by a Hobbit named Callee. She stayed there for half a decade enriching her knowledge of herbs and gardening and learning the Hobbit way of cooking.

Around the age of 27, she decided to return to her own people. She packed up her few things and traveled the road to Bree.

Life in Bree-land

In Bree, she established a small community of folk that sought the preservation of the wilds serving as their healer and coordinator. They were hunters, lore-masters, and simple woodsmen that took up arms when necessary and drank fine ale when it was all over. She married Anidore Resselin and together they had a daughter, Neilia.

As time passed, Cwen found herself secretly in love with Arodionn Vallanor, a noble if slightly conceited man from Gondor who may have returned the feelings were it not for his call to higher duty and involvement in the investigation of a murderer. Anidore, being Anidore, and Cwen parted on good terms when he was called home to deal with a situation in Rhun, so Cwen was left to focus on the havoc in Bree. A bout of amnesia later, the murderer was dead, his accomplices hung or fled, and life moved on.

As a result of her amnesia, Cwen then became involved with an Elf, Elodir, and they lived a relatively peaceful life until he decided to take the ship West. Before leaving, he introduced her to Biramore. Cwen and Bira spent years together raising her daughter and eventually moved to Buckland where Cwen planted gardens and cooked food that would satisfy the hungriest Hobbit.

Bira worked guarding caravans, and then one day, he never came home. Cwen dealt with things the best she could until she had to make the decision to return to Bree to work for Oendir Arrowheart and the Wayfarers.

The City's Edge

Cwen took up residence in Ravenhold, the headquarters of the guild, with her daughter until the call came for her to travel to Dol Amroth with the company. Although she first intended to leave Neilia behind with Callee, her daughter quickly convinced her to take her along.

Little did Cwen know that Solstan, Arrowheart's son, had shared the man's secret with her daughter and now that Neilia knew Oendir's wife left him, the girl had formulated the idea that her mother would very much get along with Oendir. With Solstan's help, Neilia used the backdrop of the City of Love to lay her parent trap.

While Cwen tried to sort her feelings of love from her feelings of guilt, the city around her unfolded to reveal a plot of intrigue and danger. Cwen found herself involved in it directly at the behest of a young woman by the name of Merry who sought her aid in saving her sick love, Sir Pengail. She also became fascinated with The Bluejay, the masked leader of an underground group called The Paper Crowns who spoke out against the corruption of the nobility and the lazy complacency of the citizenry.

When the Wayfarers and their host, Sir Carmanadh, became targets and the estate a refuge for those fleeing the wrath of Lady Gwenithel, Cwen's skills stretched to their limits. Her growing addiction to sedatives came into focus when the dangers of the blunderbusses carried by the city's corsair visitors put a new drug in front of her. Opium gave Pengail relief from his destroyed shoulder, but proved too much for Cwen. She succumbed to addiction and only with the help of Hallem Kemp did she face it and wean herself off in time for the final confrontation when she and Hal assisted the corsair Thesa in stopping a black powder laden ship from destroying the cliffs below the Palace.

As a thank you for her work healing his citizens and stopping further destruction to the city, Prince Imrahil granted Cwen access to the city's medical stores at any time she needed them. He also slipped her a single blue feather which she stores in her keepsake box with three rings of various make and value and other treasures she's accumulated over the years.


During the return to Bree, Oendir took Cwen on a detour to Snowbourne in Rohan. While returning to her homeland was bittersweet, they did not venture further southwest past the Gap and the stay was far more bittersweet for Oendir.

She settled down into life in Durrow and an uncertain relationship with Oendir. By chance, the man's foster son Rheb stumbled in on a dinner date and, though their meeting was brief, quickly decided to pursue Cwen for his own. Cwen resisted until she was called to return to the place she feared most in the world: Moria. Figuring she'd never see the light of day again, she gave in to her feelings for Rheb for what she thought would be a single night.

Cwen survived Moria, surely aided by a bracelet Rheb gave her by secretly leaving it in a pocket of her travel pack.

Unprepared for the whirlpool of emotions surviving Moria doused her with, Cwen tried to work out her feelings for Oendir and Rheb only to learn Biramore may still be living. As more people discovered her affair with Rheb, Oendir being one of the first, she decided to leave Durrow for her home in Buckland, Gardeneve.


Life would not let Cwen hide and duties to the Tenorbekk family and the Wayfarers called her back to Durrow. Eventually, she chose to purchase a home on the Dunwash from Oendir where she is nursing a garden and renovating the interior to double as a small herbalist's and pie shop.

After a proposal of courtship from a surprising source, a siege led by Rheb's brother on his behalf, and more rumours, Cwen accepted Oendir's proposal of marriage. She moved in with him at Overhill, much to the delight of their children.

She currently still serves as the Wayfarers' field medic, though she is unhappy with the position and still works on her shop on Garden Street.

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