Colton Oakley

Name: Colton Oakley
Race and Heritage: Man, Bree
Age and DoB: 20, September 12th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Hair: A dark brown mess of wavy curls. He sports a small, patchy beard on his chin to tease his uncle, who can't grow one himself. It isn't working.
Eyes: Dark green
Physique and Features: The Fletcher men start out long and lanky, and Colton is no exception. He's not yet filled out into his full adult height, though he carries himself proudly and will gladly show anyone with even mild interest how big his biceps are (among other things).

Family: Extensive. He is Gaelyn's oldest nephew, and being a part of the Fletcher family means he has many siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles.
Friends/Enemies: He's friendly with Alden, though they often fight (over something Colton started). The two share a bunk in Ravenhold.
Pets: None currently
Guild Role: Scout
Skills: Stealth (1), combat—ranged (2)

Other Facts

  • He's very fond of his Uncle Gaelyn. He's begun to come more into his own now that he's older, but still emulates some of his uncle's older habits. He once tried to start his own notched belt, but his mother tore it off and whipped him with it before he could collect more than a half-notch.
  • His mother is not pleased about him being a part of the Guild. But she could no longer prevent him from joining after he turned eighteen.
  • Colton has a younger brother named Wilferd and an older sister named Marnie. Colton firmly believes that Wilferd gets away with a good deal of mischief because his mother tends to focus on Colton’s failings. Wilferd mostly just gets away with doing his chores appropriately.
  • Colton is actually very good at reading and writing, a skill he finds embarrassingly unmanly and tries to avoid using whenever possible. He can still be caught sneaking into the library to peek through the history books in search of old accounts of battles.
  • Colton has a small scar on his arm where a dog bit him when he was fourteen. He has since refused to wear any shirts that do not cover it, for fear of his Mother seeing it.
  • If pressed Colton would admit to a certain fondness for Kaylee Rose, a fondness he mostly demonstrates by making an absolute ass of himself in front of her on every available occasion.
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