A mild-mannered young man who lives alone beyond his maid, Gaenes, in the Baudh Estate. He is the son of Methenes and the nephew of Knight-captain Aureldir. His father is unknown.

Shortly after Claur's birth, Methenes was removed from Dol Amroth, but Claur remained behind to be raised in the family estate. He was often watched closely, mostly for signs of the same madness that plagued his mother. Much to his grandmother's relief, Claur developed into a quiet, but pleasant and intelligent child. After the death of both of his grandparents, and with his uncles having left the estate for newer, more extravagant homes, Claur remained there as the master of the estate, despite still being a child at the time.

In his early teens, Claur was involved in an incident that rendered him blind. The blow was difficult to him, as he had aspired to join the ranks of the Swan-knights when he came of age. His focus shifted from then into more academic pursuits, and, over the next few years, studied under several of Dol Amroth's most acclaimed tutors. He was accepted young into one of the prestigious academies of the city, where he began studying military strategy, and excelled at it. Seeing the young man's promising talent, Aureldir invited him on several occasions to sit in on the strategy councils with other ranking knights.

For the time, Claur spends his time in study in relative solitude. He is greatly self-sufficient, and, while he isn't hesitant to leave the estate on his own, he does so less frequently than most do.

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