Celeveren Curandiriel

An ancient and powerful half-Noldorin Elf born in Menegroth in the First Age. She was present in Doriath when it was attacked by dwarves from Nogrond, and at Gondolin when it was betrayed. When the spine of her foster-son Sidbron was crushed and he could no longer walk without assistance, she developed a passion for creating items of assistance for the disabled. The continued to spend much of her life in flight, whether from the third kinslaying or from Beleriand when it sank.

In Eregion she became obsessed with devising ways of preventing and protecting against death, and her work became increasingly and worryingly less ethical in nature. She supported the forging of the rings against her betrothed, Borasvar's bitter opposition. Borasvar was soon after killed by a spear tipped with a variation of a poison that Celeveren herself had created.

Broken and humbled, Celeverent lived out the rest of the Age in Imladris, forsaking medicine and turning her pursuits to studying the customs of mankind. When her parents at last sailed for Valinor, she turned to the race of Man for companionship. Now she primarily resides in Bree-land, assisting a dwarven healer in the making of prosthetics for amputees.

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