Cedoric, Son of Godric

Born to Godric and Leofwenne of Rohan, Cedoric lead a rather normal life with his family until around the age of ten, when his mother was killed by a Dunlending. This event sparked a fire within his heart to protect those around him- especially his family. He and his brother trained hard together as they grew until they were old enough to join the Riders.

When their father was given a task and had to depart the Mark, they continued their duty to the King, swearing to make their father proud and fight for the safety and glory of the land. Going where they were needed, including to the Battle of the Hornburg (also known as the Battle of Helm's Deep), the two almost seemed unstoppable together. They had each other’s backs, and had the backs of those they rode with to no limit. True Riders.

It was the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, however, that struck a blow to the family. Ulfric, son of Godric, was slain in battle. In a blind rage, Cedoric charged forward and took out any that stood in his path to his brother. Though the battle was won that day, the heavy loss of so many warriors, including his brother, was a crush to his morale.

After the battle, Cedoric made the decision to ride to join his father in region of Bree-land. He took up what items he’d need to live, passed the house to a distant cousin of the family, and rode.

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