A peppy young woman of Eglan heritage. She serves as a soldier for Ost Guruth when the fortress needs reinforcements against the warg and Orc menace in the Lone-lands. Exceptionally large for a woman, Ceceil is made of solid, toned muscle, and can carry full plate better than most men.

Ceceil was found by the Rohirric Shield-maid Leofryn at the age of fifteen, hiding in a hollow tree in the swamp of Haragmar. She had no memory of her life before that moment, likely having suffered acute trauma at the hands of Orcs. Leofryn made Ceceil her herald, and Ceceil served her mistress loyally until Leofryn's death during the final battle with the Haradic witch, Kalidah. Ceceil herself spent a year under a curse laid upon her by Kalidah, and it was in part for Ceceil's sake that Leofryn ultimately sacrificed her own life.

To this day, Ceceil can remember nothing of her life before she was found, and suspects her family was killed by Orcs. Though she does not know it yet, her fate is tangled with that of the Orc-blooded boy, Rheb.

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