A strange, whimsical man who spent most of his life on the ocean. He was the younger brother of the Bree-town grave-digger, Morducai Mossfoot and returned from a life at sea to make amends for some past wound. The circumstances regarding the brothers' falling out were mysterious and grim.

Callumn collected a great variety of things, and was rarely without some sort of snack food in hand. Though a wonderful listener, he hardly seemed present in the moment, being always fidgeting or staring listlessly off into the distance.

While back in Bree, he made a variety of new friends, including a jolly vintner named Hrafen, an adventurous youth named Sage to whom he taught the art of Coursing*, and a pleasant but somewhat scattered young woman named Deivara who has trouble recognizing faces. He wore a bright pink scarf with yellow fringe so that she would always know how to recognize him. He also came to love a charming young man of Harad named Rafik, and a flighty but whimsical man of the forest named Nettles.

Callumn was one of several friends and family members who went into the Barrow-downs to rescue Morducai from an ancient, malevolent gaunt-lord. He died in a barrow cave-in while saving the life of Morty's friend Anya. Morty buried him beneath an old oak tree in the Bree-town graveyard.

*The art of obstacle climbing, usually in settled areas, designed to move the body from one place to another as efficiently as possible. Callumn adapted it for use on the riggings of large ships.

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