Calaer Estate

An estate within the Gondorian city of Pelargir, the hilled property outside of the old wall of Pelargir looks in towards the city and the river beyond the great port. House Calaer having been in Pelargir since the city's infancy, the estate was rebuilt along with all of the other Houses outside of the Old City after Corsairs ravaged and ruined Pelargir in TA 1634.

While a prominent household of Gondorian nobility in the city for generations, the past several decades had seen it fall into disfavor after the Lord Belegorn fell ill, and his wife Gwaeldis took it upon herself to attempt to run the family behind his back. The family nearly fell to ruin before Belegorn recovered, and it took the lord and his sons a great while to mend many of the bridges that had been burned.

The War claiming the lives of his two eldest sons, Belegorn turned to his ambitious youngest son, Peldirion. Shutting Gwaeldis out of all of the House affairs, the two men worked tirelessly to restore the reputation, which was easier within Pelargir as many of the other lords knew the son as a competent soldier and friend of their sons.

Since the war's end, Belegorn and Gwaeldis signed the estate over to Peldirion who has taken over his family's House and business. The house thriving again with it's Lord having been elected by the Council of Lords to be the current Vice Consul, the Calaer Estate is once again on the rise. The manor and grounds are lush, practical, and well cared for, only showing tasteful hints of antiquated opulence.

Lord Belegorn having taken the majority of his racing horses with him, Peldirion has instead moved his prized war horses from the garrison to his home stables. Included in the property's assets are the 180 acre estate, 1560 acres of beach and forest, six merchant ships, and two naval ships, a share of a salt mine, and partnerships with other merchants that deal in the trade of spices, wine, lumber and fish (the latter two being long standing contracts from Belegorn's lordship).

Some of the current residents include:
Current Lord: Peldirion
- cohort of ten
Current Lady: Lalaith
- escort of five

Steward: Halethon
Manservant: Ferris
Head of House: Taniel and Maesha
Cook: Nallie and Tinnor
Stable Master: Corden
Butcher: Gondtor
Scullery: Mints and Jane
Chandler/escort: Nidor
Doorman: Uialdir
Laundress: DĂșlind
Ewery/cohort: Russel
Guard/escort: Toven

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