Broddi Carpenter

Born "Broddi Cook," he uses "Carpenter" in Bree to better fit his profession. In Esgaroth, that's normal.

A well-meaning and cheerful young man of Dale; Esgaroth, actually, as his family's fond of pointing out. He is son to Frithvail Cook and the younger brother of Cynewynne Cook. A carpenter by trade, he lives with his wife Ceceil, an Eglan soldier, on a small-scale farm in the house he built for her as a wedding gift. They have a great number of chickens, assorted rescued livestock, and one temperamental and demanding calico cat named Brooke. Though in earlier days he was prone to rash decisions and acts of mind-blowing stupidity, now he's considered a mature young man on his way up in the world. He makes a tidy living with a small crew of house-building contractors and is working toward master-builder rank in the Bree guilds. Most date this rather abrupt transformation to his wife's near-fatal illness a couple of years ago.

His early life was shadowed by the death of his four brothers in the fever that left his sister deaf. He was born shortly afterwards, and raised by parents reeling from heavy losses. He left home rather than join the Dale Royal Marines. His father, a colonel and strict disciplinarian, didn't hold with young men who can't stomach taking lives. His sister, then home recovering from a grave injury, set off to bring him home shortly before the Gap of Rohan was closed to travel. The pair of them are active in charities supporting Dalish refugees as the Easterlings grow bolder and better funded in their campaigns.

There are rumors - which Broddi denies - that Broddi's Beorning heritage gives him the ability to transform into a bear. His love of honey-cakes, fish, and hibernating add to this theory. Though huge and very strong, he mostly just wants to cuddle. He can also grow a fabulous mustache. Although he has no trouble with people who do choose a warrior's life, he himself is a soft-spoken pacifist who is seldom visibly roused to anger. He's been markedly more controlled since the time of his wife's illness.

For the record, yes, he's a Beorning. Nobody was more shocked than he to discover the fact, and it's that turn of events that kicked off his serious, controlled, mature phase. Fury turns him furry.

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