The Breezy Maid

A small sailing vessel that carries goods across the ocean between the ports in Harad, Gondor, and Long Deer (the settlement built upon the ruins of Lond Daer). It is the favourite ship of the expatriate Breeish sailor, Callumn.

The crew includes:

The good-humoured, red-bearded Captain Rudy
A friendly, giant Rohir named Sunny
A skinny man named Catfish (the name inspired by his wispy beard)
Sweetmeats, the loud and jolly cook
A foretopman named Bilge who loves Haradic beer
The gruff, silent Three-fingered Tom

Maludir and his horse Melolun both hitched a ride on the Breezy Maid on their way south to Harondor. Maludir met them again in Harad, and they sailed him all the way north and west to the mouth of the Brandywine.

The Breezy Maid is known for her plucky reliability, and has held up through weather that would splinter larger and newer ships. Her masthead is a waving mermaid, inspired by Callumn's whimsical descriptions of his mother.

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