The Bluejay

The leader of an underground group in Dol Amroth called the Paper Crowns. An eloquent and hypnotizing man who wore a mask and a cloak made of blue feathers whenever he appeared in public.

He gave speeches about the corruption of the nobles and the laziness of the Dol Amroth citizenry. A gathering of followers, primarily ladies, formed in response to his speeches, and began to appear whenever he did. They called themselves the Jay's Ladies, and organized social functions around all his public appearances. They also carried feathers with the hope that he would answer a single question in exchange for the feather—and he often did, as long as the question did not pertain to his true identity.

A Wayfarer named Cwendlwyn Tain pursued him ambitiously, believing that his influence could be used to help topple the corrupt and dangerous House Aearanel. She developed quite a crush on him, and in the process learned his true identity. She was even more surprised to learn that he returned her feelings.

In the year following the death of Lady Gwenithel and the fall of House Aearanel, the Bluejay began to feel that his presence was no longer needed. The Paper Crowns, which he originally formed as a tongue-in-cheek way hold the nobility accountable, became an increasingly radical splinter group. When nobility began to be murdered in the name of the Paper Crowns, the Bluejay knew his reign was over. With the help of Headmistress Cirieldis, he staged his own death during a public speech. After this, he returned to his former life, allowing the rest of Dol Amroth to believe he was gone forever. But there is no telling when someone might take up the feathered cloak again.

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