Bloods Way

Through several intersecting alleys mashed together by hasty (and rather poorly designed) building in a part of the lower quarters of the city of Dol Amroth, one could find the back entrance to a dimly lit opium den some have come to call 'Blood's Way'. Known for generous loans, the competitive opium prices keeps business flowing in spite of being brutally unforgiving when it comes to repayment.

The proprietor, Grath, is a willowy, almost gaunt man known for his venomous smile and greed. Never forgetting a face, he has owned the den for twenty years, and even his goons wonder if he has ever left since he won the business from a friend.

Of the thugs that work for Grath are:

Hoq: An average man in every way, he grew up in the lower quarters of the city. Caught in a house fire when he was twelve, the skin of his left arm is one solid burn scar. Given purpose by his boss, he will do just about anything for money and maybe a pinch of opium.

Bor: A tall, wiry young man, he takes pleasure in doing his boss' dirty work. His knuckles are scarred from fighting, and he has a habit of rolling a coin through his fingers. Having been promised the maid Feira when her brother's loan came due, he became furious when it was suddenly forgiven. He holds a grudge against Lhainan, and hates Asmus for his apparent protectiveness of the girl. Was unknowingly framed for the murder of the woman Raewiel.

Asmus: A former opium addict, Asmus was once the head of Grath's gang, and is well known in the underworld of Dol Amroth. Responsible for the attack on Feira and her mother, he assumed the girl had died along with her mother or been spirited away for years. When Raewiel caused trouble for Feira with his boss he took it upon himself to do most of the shadowing, if only to keep Bor and his few friends away from her. A shadow of what he once was, Grath keeps him around for his silence, firm hand on the other thugs, and knowledge of all the important comings and goings in the city.

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