Bindy's Baubles

A small, somewhat battered shop is nestled in between a few other more upstanding places. The sign in the front is maintained well enough, if not elaborately. "Bindy's Baubles" had been painted in a large selection of colours, the lettering a beautiful and practiced cursive. Though the sign itself seems knocked crooked, it is still readable. If anything, it only makes the shop look that much more individual.

An extravagant array of coloured curtains seems to block the view from the inside of the shop, but on the window sills, a few items have been set out for display. They were curious things, to be sure; a small jar of buttons, an old fishing rod that had seen better days, a strangely clean and well-woven scarf, and a boot.

The inside of the shop is dimly lit; hardly any of the light from the outside manages to escape it's way in past the curtains. There are a few candles here and there scattered across in various places, their flame dancing when the door opens and soft wind passes inside.

There are counters and cabinets, shelves and surfaces, and each one seems to hold randomized items. Crystals, wooden carvings, old and rusting tools…one would wonder just what this shop /didn't/ have. Everything is dusted and well-kept, though the organization of the items for sale is none-existent. After all, how would any of this be organized, anyway?

A large fur blanket is hung in what was assumed a doorway. The fur itself is strange, and certainly does not seem to belong to any beasts in the surrounding areas. To one who would be able to pick out such things, it is highly likely that the fur belongs to that of a beast from the Eastern lands. It is placed in such a way that no one can see in or out of the room that is presumed to be behind it.

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