Belinda "Bindy" Beebright

Belinda, more commonly known as "Bindy", is one of Bree's rather curious inhabitants. Born and raised in the town, her family was well known for their quality cut meats, a butcher shop set away back in the quieter parts of town. Bindy was a bright, yet strange young girl, and her parents were never pleased with how different she was becoming from other "normal" people.

The girl had a strange fascination with collecting the most odd things. Anything from broken bits of jewelry, to old and rotting bones of vermin on the streets, Bindy began a stockpile. Worried that something was wrong with her, her parents tried in vain to teach her the ways of their family business and punish her for any more collecting she did.

It was to Bindy's fortune that on a trip outside of town, her parents were found brutally hacked to pieces and their belongings taken. It was, of course, assumed that brigands had simply caught the mother and father in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rather than continue the family business, Bindy cleared things out and reopened the butcher's shop to something new and, what she felt, was exciting. For many years she procured an uncountable number of odds and ends to sell. Though the business did not necessarily make enough money to cause for good profit, it was enough to get by. Where the citizens of Bree could not find something in one place, they could for sure find it at Bindy's Baubles.

Rumour has it that she sells more than just the simple odds and ends, but one has to prove their worth to get a look at her most valuable items for sale.

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