An elf maiden, born to a lord of Lorien and lady of Greenwood. Berethchell possessed an adventurous spirit, and wandered from the Golden Wood while still learning her skills and how to defend herself. She was felled along the borders of Mirkwood, left to her death along the river. She was found, however, by a Rohirric scouting party, and their commander, against the suspicions of his men, took her in to nurse her back to health. While initially grateful for his care, the man was taken by her beauty, and insistently fought for her favor. Berethchell, uncomfortable with his affection, soon left to return to Lorien.

Berethchell returned to Rohan in secret several years after the man died of old age. There, she happened upon his granddaughter, Valrdis, heavily injured and fleeing her father's men. To repay the debt of her life, Berethchell ushered Valrdis away from Rohan and to the north where she could hide. As Valrdis settled with a lost company of Rohirric men, Berethchell traveled to Meluinen, where one of her sisters, Miathos, had settled for the time.

Berethchell was the original owner of Evensong, and gave her to Vallye while in Eriador.

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