Beacher Bailey

The youngest son of the eccentric Bailey family. Though his father Everard forced him at an early age into the life of a soldier, Beacher is a poet and actor at heart. He prefers to don the colourful motley of a jester and confound the locals of Bree with riddles and word play. His childhood best friend is Gaelyn Fletcher.

For some time he served as a soldier with Gaelyn in a Gondorian-led militia known as The Twelfth Company. Eventually, he took up arms for The Wayfarer's Guild. In battle he wielded a brutal great-hammer he called Mott, a play on the mott and bailey style of castle. He also had two one-handed hammers he called Wattle and Daub.

By terrible circumstance, Beacher was one of many innocents captured by the slaver caravans of Dol Guldur. He was brought to Mirkwood to dwell as a slave in the fortress of Dol Guldur, where he befriended a willful Easterling woman named Aditi. Beacher was quickly discovered by Najor Iron-hand, a powerful sorcerer in the employ of Mordor. Najor took Beacher as his personal slave, and forced him to gaze into the Meneltir, a seeing stone that allowed the viewer a glimpse of the heavens beyond the world. The vastness destroyed Beacher's mind, and drove him mad. By the time the Wayfarers came to his rescue, he was a broken shadow of his former self.

Only later did they learn that Beacher had fallen in love with Najor, and the sorcerer's death by the hands of the Dalish axe-maid Synnova sent Beacher spiralling further into madness. Even when returned safely to Bree, his mind remained in the clutches of Dol Guldur, and it took years for him to recover.

Eventually, he found his way to Dol Amroth, where he studied theatre with some of the realm's finest thespians and playwrights. After several years, he returned to Bree-land with his gathered knowledge, and opened a theatre of his own in the village of Durrow-on-Dunwash.

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