The ghost of a man from Arnor who haunted the ruins of Tollobel, on Lake Evendim. He was hanged in his youth for suspected treason days before the death of King EƤrendur and the sundering of Arnor.

He was the lover of Erefnen, a young noblewoman who lived in an estate overlooking Lake Evendim. They were separated when Basil was incarcerated for treason.

A vengeful ghost, Basil caused great harm to anyone who disturbed the ruins of Tollobel. When the Wayfarers reunited him with the ghost of Erefnen, he pledged an oath of service to them. He and Erefnon were two of many allies who came to the Wayfarers' aid at Amon Min when their leader, Oendir, was kidnapped by the witch Kalidah.

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