A brassy, irreverent mercenary from Dale. In place of his right hand, he wore a wooden one that could be switched out for a variety of implements, including a fierce crossbow named Vera. He was particularly fond of Hallem and Gaelyn.

He and his loyal employees, a pair of Rohirric horse thieves, roamed freely in search of jobs and spending coin as soon as they earned it. By chance, they crossed paths with the Wayfarers in Forochel, and helped them rout the Angmarim threat there. Balister was quickly smitten by Cirieldis, who was at the time betrothed to Rennec.

His path crossed with the Wayfarers' several more times. After the attack of Kalidah's assassins, he reluctantly revealed that he was one of the Watchers, an unbroken line of individuals tasked with watching over the descendants of the Children of Gailion (most of whom then served in The Wayfarers' Guild).

When the Wayfarers' Commander, Oendir, was kidnapped by the witch Kalidah, Balister joined The Ebony Guard and marched to Enedwaith with the Wayfarers and their allies. He fell in battle holding off an army of Orcs in order to buy time for the Wayfarers when they retreated from battle. Like all Watchers, his soul joined with the spirit Fionwe after his death.

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