The Baileys

The Baileys are an old Breeish family, with roots going all the way back to Hillshire, Bree's sister city. The story holds that they got their name because their founding member, a man named Esmund, lived most of his life in the bailey of the castle of a petty Hillshire noble.

The Baileys are considered queer sorts by most of Bree, but respectable folk and hard workers, too. Currently, the Bailey family consists of Everard Bailey, the owner of Bailey's Bakery, and his children Garrett, Peyton, Darrell, and Beacher.

Several years ago, there was quite a bit of scandal when Jamie Bailey, Garrett's twin, was mysteriously killed while out in the Brandy Woods. Jamie's death shook the family deeply, and the following spring, Everard's wife Blythe fled in grief at the loss of her son. Though the family never confirmed anything, rumours flew about how Jamie had died. The most popular suggested that Beacher was somehow responsible for Jamie's death.

Through the years, life returned to normal and most folks put the scandal out of mind. However, the Bailey family itself has never been the same.

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