Mama Babagi

Deep in the fetid swamp of Harloeg dwells a strange old creature the Eglain call Mama Babagi. Exactly what kind of creature she is, no one knows, but a clever or worldly individual might be able to guess. All that's known for certain is that she is very old, and very strange.

The Wayfarers first encountered her while in the Lone-lands on a task to help their ally, the Ranger Aradir. Although they did not trust her, she is an old friend of the wind spirit Fionwe, who has often watched over the Wayfarers.

The Eglain often seek Mama Babagi out for advice, believing her to be a powerful oracle, but they only do so in great need. Mama Babagi's wisdom often comes at a peculiar cost. Neither a creature of darkness nor of light, Mama Babagi is neither good nor evil. She will help whomever asks for her aid if she feels inclined (and if their pay is right). Though usually mischievous and spirited, Mama Babagi is quite dangerous. Those who offend her do so at their peril, often suffering strange fates or vanishing altogether.

She adorns herself with furs, teeth, and beads made of bone and stone. Strange, membranous skin stretches down from her wrists, but is mostly hidden by folds of heavy cloth. Her nails are long and claw-like, and her teeth crooked and sharp like shards of black glass. A close observer might guess that she was once possessing of beauty, but those days are long behind her now. Only her eyes, pale blue and without pupils, could still be called fair. It is said that anyone who stares into them for too long may glimpse their future, for good or ill.

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