One of the Four Lords, and the youngest of the group. He was born and trained in Mordor, and came to light at a young age when his mastery over sorcery saved his life and ended a conflict. Azulgar is a proven prodigy for his age, which lends to his arrogance and perfectionism. He has a reputation for recklessness, but is not usually dangerous unless you stand between him and his goals.

Azulgar was once the rival of Atanamir, though it was cut short when Atanamir was made a slave. Several years later, Azulgar claimed ownership of Atanamir, and they developed into spiteful lovers.

Azulgar allied himself with the Four Lords primarily as a means to locate and reclaim Atanamir, who had long since come west to Eriador. Once the Lords' purpose was finished, Azulgar took Atanamir and fled south with him to escape the predatory eyes of Mordor. Though possessive and often gleefully cruel, he keeps Atanamir on a rather long leash, allowing him to go wherever and do whatever he pleases, within reason.

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