Name: Austri, son of Aurvangr
Race and Heritage: Longbeard Dwarf, Thorin's Hall, Blue Mountains
Age and DoB: 78, July 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5'
Hair: A coppery blond that he keeps back in a neat knot. His beard is well-trimmed, and decorated with beads and braids.
Eyes: Warm brown
Physique and Features: Of stocky and sturdy build like all dwarves, but on the tall end for his kin.

Family: His father, Aurvangr, is a retired war-general who was arrested for attempting to break the Dourhand-/Longbeard peace treaty in the Vale. Austri no longer speaks to him.
Friends/Enemies: He admires of all of the Wayfarers, but is closest with those who have been around for a long time, such as Gaelyn and Hallem.
Pets: A cranky copper-backed cave-claw named Pebble.

Guild Role: Diplomat/Tactician
Skills: Diplomacy (3), translation (2), history (3)
Aspirations: He wishes to clear his family name of his father's betrayal.

Other Facts

  • Austri was one of the very first to pledge his support to The Wayfarers' Guild, and came to their aid on several occasions before travelling to Bree to join them outright.
  • He is considered a dreamboat by dwarven standards.
  • He wears an iconic set of pink gold-plated platemail. It was custom designed for him by his friend Rothrandir.
  • Austri's morals are impenetrable, and his honour unwavering. Despite his heartbreak over his father's betrayal, it was Austri himself who shackled Aurvangr, and led him to his cell.
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