One of the Knight-captains of Dol Amroth, and third son of House Baudh. He is the brother of Methenes and uncle to her son, Claur. Aureldir is a strict and stoic man, and he rose through the ranks of the knights quickly do to his uncompromising adherence to orders.

Aureldir was known to be a much different man as a junior knight, and was often described as bright, full of laughter and somewhat irresponsible. Many rumors were brought up around the city about him when it seemed he was becoming close to a young woman, who was the daughter of the captain of one of Dol Amroth's trading ships. The rumors grew only more intense when the woman became pregnant, and though Aureldir's house disapproved, many of the rumors praised the relationship for being one of true love.

Some time after that, Aureldir had changed. The woman and the babe had mysteriously disappeared. Word came back to Dol Amroth that Aureldir's father had been killed in a skirmish near the same time. The young man's laughter had faded, and he took solace in the law and his duties as a knight. His focus in it was so diligent, he began to exceed the expectations made of him, and climbed in rank swiftly.

Despite staying detached from others for many years, he started to soften and gain some light back after meeting a woman he knew as Eluse. He eventually came to discover her true identity through her half-brother, Oendir. He vowed to aid Oendir through all the struggles within Dol Amroth at the time, and kept his word after discovering Cirieldis was still alive.

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