Arrowheart's End

(As written by Aradir, son of Candaith.)

The tenth campaign of The Wayfarers' Guild in the Where Fire Follows arc.

Wherein the commander of the Wayfarers, Oendir Arrowheart, was kidnapped by Kalidah so that she could use his body as a vessel for the soul of her departed son, Tar-Achas. The Wayfarers journeyed to the Enedwaith, where the witch was amassing an army of devastating might. The Wayfarers marched to the ruined fortress of Amon Min under protection from the Ebony Guard, and were joined by allies from all of their previous adventures. The two armies clashed in the hills of the Windfells. The Wayfarers emerged victorious, but at great cost.

Here, the Watcher Leofryn Grey-eyes revealed herself as a traitor to the Wayfarers, and then to Kalidah. She was slain in Kalidah's body by Cynewynne Cook after preventing the witch from resurrecting her son. Here also the Watchers Balister and Sokeä-Nakijä perished while protecting the Wayfarers.

Upon Oendir's rescue, his soldier Gisala ran to him and kissed him, revealing to all the secret affair that had existed between the two for some months.

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