The Covenant of Arestel

From the Book of Arestel, as recorded by Faluin Tale-teller and Candaith of the Dúnedain —

In the year 2075 of the Third Age, a strange masked minstrel known as The Bard began a search all across Middle-earth for certain individuals whom he called the Children of Gailion. These were dark days, for the Nazgûl had emerged again, and laid waste to the once-glorious stronghold of Minas Ithil. And, unbeknownst to most, Sauron himself was beginning to stir again within the shadows of Mordor. The world was in need of heroes, and it was heroes whom The Bard intended to find.

His search began in Framburg, where me met a young man of the Éothéod known as Deoward Stormhelm. Deoward was fierce and brave, though not wary of outsiders as his elders were. He was enchanted by The Bard's honeyed words, and saw honour in his mission. He was the first to agree to join The Bard's search, and in so doing became the leader of the original Children of Gailion.

For four years, The Bard and Deoward combed Middle-earth in search of allies. Men and women from all corners of the land answered their call. On a balmy summer evening in T.A. 2080, on the shore of Nen Hithoel, The original Children of Gailion, over two dozen strong, met to to sign a pact they called the Covenant of Arestel. Overseeing the ceremony were the Bard and two new Watchers: Faluin Tale-teller, an eccentric Elf from Edhellond; and Castellan Wisdan, a famed scholar from the then infant city of Dol Amroth.

The Covenant of Arestel was based on the principle that the strongest defences against the enemy were faith, loyalty, and love: all things of which The Enemy could not conceive. The Children of Gailion all signed the Covenant, pledging unerring loyalty to each other. The covenant detailed their mutual agreement to root out evil in whatever forms it took, and to never lose sight of the goodness, innocence, and purity for which they fought. Thus, they forged a power that The Enemy could not understand. They became champions of the people, helping all regardless of origin, race, or standing. Many songs were written praising their victories and their goodness.

But the roots of evil grow deep in this earth, and are not so easily severed. The Dark Lord's power continued to grow in the East. The Nazgûl continued to sow fear throughout the land. Proud Gondor no longer had its king. In the winter of T.A. 2108, Castellan Wisdan confronted a Nazgûl that had come south to the Bay of Belfalas. He was overcome, and his mind was twisted and enslaved into that of a Cargul, the thrall of the Nazgûl.

This was a great blow to the morale of the Children, but it was not the worst to come. The Cargul that was once Castellan Wisdan hunted the Children with singular avarice. Many of them fell, along with their families, so that their lines were snuffed out forevermore. Only through the combined force of The Bard, Faluin Tale-teller, and the remaining Children was the Cargul overcome. Overcome, but not vanquished. The Children went into hiding, fearing for the lives of their loved ones. With no one to uphold its principles, the Covenant was broken.

For nearly nine hundred years, the bloodlines of the Children persisted. Their children's children grew to know of the Covenant as little more than a fanciful tale until it, too, passed from memory. Though their descendants survived, their mission did not. It faded into obscurity, kept alive only by the faithful study of the Watchers so that one day, when the world needed the Children again, their legacy could be revealed to them.

In the year 2978 of the Third Age, Faluin encountered a young Dúnedain Ranger named Candaith on the shores of Lake Evendim. Faluin revealed to Candaith that he was one of the Watchers, and explained what this sacred duty entailed. A gifted historian, Candaith put to paper the legacy of the Children of Gailion in such a way as it had never been chronicled before. He took into his tutelage a young boy named Arod, destined also to one day become a Watcher.

Late in the Third Age of Middle-earth, when a dangerous witch named Kalidah Mariam threatened to tear apart the order of the natural world, did the need for the Children once again arise. A great spirit of air known as Fionwe the Wind-lord came to the aid of an adventuring company called the Wayfarers while they were being pursued by the Cargul in eastern Angmar. Fionwe revealed to the Wayfarers that they were the last living descendants of the Children of Gailion. In the days since, they have begun to unravel the tales of their rich heritage, and connect with the ancestors who long ago set those tales in motion.

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