Arameril is a student of Lady Gwenithel's School for Girls located at the Ivory Tower in Dol Amroth. She was an orphan who studied the traditional skills of young ladies on the surface but secretly trained as a member of an organization of women courtesan assassins called The Mormerili, or Black Roses.

Arameril was never top of her class, but she studied hard and became the favorite of Lady Deludhae, the Headmistress of the Roses. On her first assignment, she was specially chosen to trace the existence of a member of the Mormerili thought to be long dead: Cirieldis of House Colagar. During her investigation, she encountered many members of The Wayfarers and fell in love with the junior Swan-knight tasked with guarding her, Sir Pengail.

After Cirieldis was taken by Lady Gwenithel, Arameril defected to The Wayfarers and helped to eradicate the corruption of the Court of Dol Amroth. During the deadly games with the leader of the Mormerili, she learned that her father was actually Sir Hathlafel, a high profile Swan-knight who doubled as an effective piece in Lady Gwenithel's game for the throne. Hathlafel nearly gave his life to save Arameril from death at the hands of her former Black Rose sisters and since then, the two have been building a relationship as reunited father and daughter.

Pengail proposed to Arameril at his family's annual fall picnic and she planned the quick wedding with the aid of his mother, Lady Golchalad. After the marriage, she returned to the Tower to finish her last semester of studies, and then moved into the beautiful townhome Pengail purchased for them as a wedding present.

She currently works on the tourist ship The Chipper Kipper, which is a dream job for her. Despite the outwardly perfect life, she seems tired, strained, and unhappy.

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