An excitable and optimistic Ranger of the North who is still young by DĂșnadan standards. He keeps camp at the base of Weathertop, where he watches over the Weather Hills in the place of his late master, Candaith.

Aradir (common name Arod) first met The Wayfarers while they were investigating a haunting in Evendim. He helped them scout the hills, and was taken by their bravery and selflessness. He next encountered them in The Shire after he had been left behind to guard the hobbit-lands in the absence of the Grey Company Rangers. He stood with The Wayfarers through the horrors they witnessed at the Sacking of Ashbottle.

Arod once again came to the Wayfarers' aid in Angmar, helping them both to hold their own against the witch Kalidah and to subdue a dangerous Hill-woman rebel named Ruslana.

Eventually Candaith revealed to Aradir that he, like Candaith, was one of the Watchers, a long line of individuals tasked with protecting the Children of Gailion, from whom most of the Wayfarers were descended. Aradir took deep pride in this new purpose, and stood unfaltering by the Wayfarers through many further trials:

  • He joined The Ebony Guard to protect the Wayfarers in Enedwaith when their Commander, Oendir, was kidnapped by Kalidah.
  • He journeyed with them through Dunland to return Leofryn's ashes to her home in Rohan. They discovered The Dagorant together, and fought to rout a vicious Cargul that had followed them south from Angmar.
  • He helped them to rescue their friend Beacher Bailey from the grip of the sorcerer Najor Iron-hand in Mirkwood.
  • He stood by them on the banks of Nen Hithoel as Faluin Tale-teller, the oldest living Watcher, revealed the truths of their ancestry.

The Wayfarers repaid their debts to him (though he would never have called them such) some time later when Candaith's ashes were returned to the Lone-lands by Aradir's fellow Ranger, Saeradan. They helped Aradir to put his master to rest and to finally find peace with his death.

He keeps a gray cat called Nim, the former pet of Daernil before his death. He is currently on a grand adventurer with fellow restless souls who yearned for the open road. It's unclear where he plans to take them, but he claims to have a map that leads directly to a dragon's horde.

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