Sir Aphedion of House Gilthôl


Name: Aphedion of House Gilthôl
Alias: His older half-brother occasionally refers to him as “Affy”
Race: Man
Age: 21
DoB: December 4th
Gender: Male
Heritage: Gondorian, Dol Amroth
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 178 lb
Hair: Short, wavy, dark-brown hair. He’s kept a neatly trimmed beard for the past year.
Eyes: Grey
Physique: Aphedion is tall and broad of shoulder. His training has taken hold and filled in his frame.
Distinguishing Marks/Features: His left leg was lost beneath the knee. He carries other scars from the battles in Minas Tirith, but none other as severe.


Father - (Deceased) Sûldir, a Knight-Regal (formerly a Knight Lieutenant) and highly regarded within the city.
Mother - Thanguril, of House Ninimthôl (another well-respected house)
Half-Brother - Methedion, a bastard son of Sûldir. This made for quite the story thirty years ago, but the public has since accepted it, aided in part by Methedion’s long absence from the city scene.
Sister - Mallosell, an unmarried older sister who has turned down many offers of marriage. Hopes of arranging something on her behalf are waning within the family.
Sister - Limsell, an unmarried older sister who has had it up to here with her sister.

Spouse (or other romantic interest): None, though now that he has been knighted, it is something he hopes to change soon.
Children: None, though see above.
Friends: Aphedion is friendly with most anyone he meets. He usually has an easy time finding some level on which he can connect with another, and does so in a genuine way. He is particularly fond of a few Swan Knights close to his own age.
Adversaries: None
Companions: A grey mare named Rochal. The name (hidden horse) is a pun, as Aphedion had been promised a horse for several months before finally receiving one of his own.
Reputation: Aphedion is the only (legitimate) son of an old and well-regarded house in Dol Amroth. It is expected that he will be as benevolent as his father, as strong as his grandfather, and as wise as his great grandfather. His own efforts in his education and training to become a Swan Knight are usually rewarded with praise by comparison to another in his family line.


Profession: Junior Swan-Knight
Education: Received a formal (expensive) education in the city, in addition to the training he received as a squire and page.
Hobbies: Riding, sailing, Caid (sort of Quidditchy), and ninepins
Special Talents: Unintentionally invoking his family name to his advantage
Combat Training: In training since he became a page at fourteen. He has trained most extensively with a sword and shield, though he is not unfamiliar with halberds, greatswords, and other two-handed weapons.
Favored Attire: With how frequent his training keeps him busy, he’s usually in a padded gambeson when caught outside of training. He has fine cloth and leather tunics for his social calls, and typically favors bright colors with simple patterns. His house colors are purple and silver, so it’s not uncommon for him to wear something in those colors when the occasion calls for it.
Inventory/Keepsakes: Ample spending coin, books on Swan Knights/Dol Amroth/Gondor, hard candy, a leather water bottle,


General: Aphedion is an up-and-comer in the noble classes of Dol Amroth, and he looks and acts the part. He’s an attractive young man, but he lacks the mysterious or brooding qualities that send so many of the girls his age into a tizzy. He engages those (willing) around him, and speaks knowledgeably and honestly on the topics of the day. Though he recognizes the distinctions between the classes, he remains respectful to those outside the nobility (more so than many nobles might bother).
Personal Strengths: Aphedion in tenacious in all things he does, committing himself fully to the task at hand even when it’s arduous. He’s very present, when he’s present. He does many things well, and seeks opportunities for improvement. He is humble without being naive of his status.
Weaknesses and Flaws: Aphedion is talented, but he has not had to face failure in its entirety yet, even within his training, due to the shelter his family and status provides. He’s over-stretched himself, and while he may not feel the burden of it himself, those who seek him out may need to wait for him to shift his focus to their needs.
Personality Quirks: He’s got mad eye contact skills. Not in a creepy way, but he’ll always look at you when he’s talking to you. Unless he did something he feels really guilty about.
Aspirations/Motivation: He wants to be the very best (like no one ever was) Swan Knight and representative of House Gilthôl. Though others may not have presented with him any other choice, he fully embraces and desires this fate.


Look-Alikes: Julian Morris - He’s Prince Phillip on that one show you all watch. See - eye contact.


Voice: Baritone, and usually brimming with enthusiasm.
Speech: Tends to be rather animated when he speaks
Song Library or Theme Song: TBD
Character Inspirations: A less obnoxious (I hope) Julian Bashir from ST:DS9.
Other Comments: TBD


WIP - I’ll unlock sections of it as people interact with Aphedion and Methedion

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