Anyatka Tenorbrook

The Ties that Bind

Anya is the middle child of the Tenorbekks, a new merchant family whose wealth comes from the fabric trade in the recently rebuilt city of Dale. Her father's father, Sote Tenorbekk, served with Bard in the Battle of the Five Armies and won some commendations for his service. He and his wife, Amma (Whitehouse) Tenorbekk then moved to Dale with their only child Kolrson, then only one, to rebuild the city and start their new lives.

By the time Kolrson married Frigga Milliner, the Tenorbekks had claimed a reputation of careful and ruthless traders and had amassed a small fortune. While Sote and Amma returned to a quiet life of retirement in Esgaroth, Kolrson used his family's established wealth to begin influencing Dalish politics, using both legal and questionable methods. Kolrson proved to be a brutal and terrorizing father whose trade luckily took him across the Wilderlands. Eirikr, Anya's older brother, often stepped in to save both her and their younger brother Abiorn from the physical abuse Kolrson and Frigga used to discipline their children.

When Anya was young, Kolrson brought a jovial and creative adventurer who called himself Bookie home to dinner one day. Full of stories of his own adventures and lore, Bookie fascinated the young Anyatka and eventually, she convinced him to allow her to sneak away from Dale to join him on a treasure hunting journey to Bree-lands.

The trip was mainly uneventful; they took a long, leisurely route though the Gap of Rohan though Anya was often too fearful to do much without an escort. In the foothills of the Misty Mountains, Anya found an injured lynx. Having a soft spot for animals, she nursed the feline back to health and named him Oli.

The Lovers' Jewels

In the Lone-lands near Ost Guruth, Bookie found a small cache of jewels and gold in the haunted ruins of the Circle of Blood. He gave a simple silver bracelet to Anya as a gift which she wore on her left wrist.

The caravan was ambushed as they came out of the Midgewater Marshes and the company scattered. Anya, with Oli's guidance, survived for a week before deciding to enter the city of Bree in search of a decent meal. With nothing but the clothes on her back, a walking staff, and her lynx, she lurked around the Prancing Pony until the town's grave-digger gave her a polite nod and made gentle conversation.

As Anya settled down in Bree, she relied heavily on the kindness of Morducai Mossfoot and an Elf named Eruviel who eventually invited her into her home. With Morty's gentle encouragement, she began making some coin by selling her art which is quite remarkable. She is quite modest about her talent.

Over time, she began displaying odd flashes of an alternate personality. By touching the bracelet, Morty made contact with Aeron, a soldier from Rhuduar who served at Fornost in TA 1974 when it fell to the Witch-king of Angmar. Aeron's wife, Faethril also began to present herself through Anya and several of her friends joined forces to rid her of her guests and lay Aeron to rest.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Once Anya's spirits were released, she returned to Bree with Eruviel and Anricwulf, a soldier and a jewelsmith from Dale who volunteered to assist with the exorcism of Faethril. Anric's friendly attentions turned into love and when Anya's older brother Eirikr and Eruviel traveled to Dale to retrieve his wife, she moved in with Anric mainly in order to appease her worried friends. Their relationship was sweet and perfect except for the fact that Anya truly loved Morty despite he being twice her age, and eventually she had to choose.

She now lives with her two brothers Eirikr and Abiorn in a small cabin on Ruby Lake in the neighborhood of Durrow-on-Dunwash. She spends a good amount of time with Atanamir and her beau Oleander Hawthorn.

She took Morty's "death" surprising (or alarmingly) well, and some have noticed she is also surrounded by an unexplained draft.

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