A young woman of Esgaroth, born to a particularly wealthy family. Despite her family's wealth, Ansithe chose to adopt the trade of blacksmithing at a young age, inspired by her father, Aesgeir, a soldier. She's the niece of Hrafen, and sister of Wlwine.

Ansithe eventually met Gwenneth along with Coroline when Mathdor was incarcerated in the city. They asked her to appeal on his behalf to the courts, using her standing as a Reeve's niece and the betrothed to a former city Captain's son. Ansithe agreed, though reluctantly; She had not accepted the marriage proposal offered to her. She asked to join them when they fled, to squeeze out of the betrothal.

After arriving in Bree-Land, she followed Mathdor to Durrow, where she sought work as Ravenhold's blacksmith.

Later, her father sent her mother, Odette, sister, Wlwine, and grandfather, Alvard to Bree-Land to stay with her while Esgaroth and Dale were under the threat of violence.

Ansithe has recently given birth to a son, who has been named Hawk. The child has been recognized and recorded as the son of Morducai Mossfoot.

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