Anricwulf Anredson

Given Titles: Warden of the Eglain, Thane-Retainer of the Eastment

Anricwulf is the younger of two children of Anred, a woodcarver, and Cynswith, a cook. His older brother of three winters, Aldfridwig, follows in their father's footsteps. He has a tan complexion, dark red hair (and an eventual 6' frame) from his father and bright blue eyes from his mother. Anricwulf grew up like most kids in Lake-Town, spending their days fishing and throwing sticks at the barrels of wine floating down the Celdiun. At a young age, Anricwulf showed an interest in making jewelry, often stringing various stones he would find on the lake and river beds with fishing line. These gifts he would present to any who would take them, more often than not his own parents.

At age 10 Anric and his family moved to Dale, where his father and brother joined the local woodcarver's guild. Anric was himself introduced to a group of dwarves who passed on the basics of their jewel crafting, along with teaching him a variant of Khuzdul spoken around non-Dwarves. He learned fast, showing a natural knack for cutting and setting gemstones. At nights, Anric would receive cooking lessons from his mother, as well as help test the durability and balance of the wood weapons his brother crafted. It was during this time he honed his skill throwing javelins, much to his dismay (as any kid in Dale wanted skill with a bow). He enjoyed cooking fish, and spent any breaks he got fishing. He spent seven years under the tutelage of the dwarves in Erabor before receiving a job as a gem cutter with local smiths in Dale.

Throughout his tutelage in Erabor, Anricwulf found his heart to be restless. He would take long walks through the halls under the mountain, often reluctant to go back to work despite his enjoyment of jewel crafting. His yearning for freedom only increased when he took the job in Dale. After two years of being a gem cutter, Anric decided to make a pilgrimage west, following the old trade roads that once brought goods from Erid Luin through the Mistys to Mirkwood and Erabor. For his travels, his family presented him with gifts. From his father, he received a sturdy shield capped in iron. From his brother, a sturdy spear and a half dozen javelins. From his mother, a cooking pot, two pans and a few cooking utensils.

Anricwulf followed the Celdiun south, eventually meeting up with the Old Forest Road. After following it to the Misty Mountains, he turned south and passed through the Gap of Rohan before finding his way to the Great Eastern Road.

During his travels Anric would join up with any caravan he would come across, often trading his talent with a spear and cooking for a few extra eyes watching his back and what supplies he might need. From these caravans he picked up talent with a lute, as well as songs to play. He further learned to wield a sword and a club, though relied heavily on his spear over the other two.

His cheerful demeanor and stalwart fighting skill were often welcome in the groups he would join. Combined with his given looks, Anric found himself frequently flirting with any lasses he would encounter (though that usually got looks from the Elven ones). He never allowed any of the flirting to move beyond simple friendly banter.

Having made his way along the Great Eastern Road, Anricwulf settled for a time in the Lone-Lands, making his home in Ost Guruth. Offering both his skill with a spear and with a cooking pot, Anric soon endeared himself to the Eglain; soon taking on their name as his own. He took many Watch shifts at night and would frequently patrol the dry grassy fields for growing Orc incursions. His time with the Eglain, however, took a toll on the Barding. Seeing constant death and suffering soured the usually jovial Anric. His heart began to harden, his gaze steeling across all he met. Songs at night were replaced with bouts of brooding, patrols taking longer and longer.

During one occasional trip to Bree, Anricwulf happened upon a Rohirric maiden by the name Wyllawen. The two shared a few adventures before falling in love. Within a year of their meeting, the two were wed. Their marriage seemed very happy, the two highly compatible with each other. They shared Anric's larger home as their own, keeping Wyllawen's smaller cottage as a guest house of the 'Anredson Estate'.

During his marriage to Wyllawen, Anricwulf made his way East. Having strong connections to the Dwarven folk due to his training in Erabor, Anric quickly made friends with the Iron Garrison of Khazad-Dum. When not in Bree with his wife, Anric would make his way into these Dwarven Halls, fighting Orcs and mining for gems. Following Orc trains further east, Anric found himself in the forests of Lothlorien. His talent for slaying Orcs endered him enough to the Galadhrim to allow him within their home of Caras Galadhon; Anric's sharp tongue of Elven-folk earned him few friends.

Continuing to follow the Orcs of Khazad-Dum, Anricwulf traveled south into Rohan; hearing of the troubles in those lands, Anric sought to offer his spear in aid. His talent with Orc Hunting soon garnered the attention of some of the Reeves within the Eastment. In honor of his service, Anric was named a ''Thane-Retainer of the Eastment''. With this new title, Anric gave frequent reports on Orc movements from the Misty Mountains into the Riddermark, allowing for swift and efficient interventions.

Though seemingly deeply in love, the happy couple soon found their marriage wanting. Beyond the adventures, the two truly had little in common. After nearly a year of marital bliss, the two divorced. Anric sold his home in Bree and moved to Thorin's Gate.

Shortly after their divorce, Anricwulf found himself in the arms of a half-elf by the name Berianreth. She worked at a tavern Anric and Wyllawen frequented during their marriage. Having separated from a lover herself, Anric and Berianreth seemed to find solace in each others company. Within a few weeks, the two began courting.

All would not go well for their relationship, however. A ranger by title, a friend of Wyllawen's, became upset at the perceived speed in which Anricwulf and Berianreth began courting. Though he would make idle threats against the two, no violence ever came against the couple. During one of Anric's trips into Khazad-Dum, Berianreth approached her would-be assassin. By the time Anric returned, his lover and her persuer had fallen in love and gotten married. A few days after their wedding night, Berianreth ended her courtship with Anric.

Distraught, Anricwulf traveled to Rohan. During his stays there, some of the Warriors had spoken to Anric of ''The Warrior's Curse'', a supposed mark that left skilled warriors unable to find stable relationships off the battlefield. Feeling he had such a mark, Anric threw himself into his fights with the Orcs; though he would not admit it, he truly sought a warrior's death. After nearly two months in Rohan, Anric followed the suggestion of one of the Reeves and returned to Bree. There, he met a woman named Anyatka.

Anyatka, besieged by a malicious spirit, sought to travel to the Lone-Lands to put an end to the spirit's haunting. Knowing the lands well and finding the Barding lass cute, Anric quickly offered to help. After destroying the bracelet that bore the spirit, Anric made numerous advances on Anyatka. She soon reciprocated, and the two began courting. During this time, Anric moved back to Bree; hoping the move would brighten Anyatka's mood. Their relationship, though, seemed doomed to fail. After confessing she still held feelings for Morducai Mossfoot Bree's grave-digger, Anric broke off his relationship with Anyatka.

Single again, Anricwulf headed further south into Gondor. He soon found himself establishing trade within the port city of Dol Amroth. Finding himself tangling amongst the political strife within the various groups, Anric soon developed a hatred of the city. Even though he still returns to do business, he does so with great reluctance.

During a return trip to Bree, Anricwulf caught news that the spirit he had aided to remove from Anyatka during their trip to the Lone-Lands had survived. Still holding feelings for Anya, Anric volunteered to help the group travel to Evendim to seek out a permanent remedy. During a fight with a number of Tomb-Robbers, Anric fell off a cliff into the Brandywine River. Washed ashore, Anric was found by a number of Tomb-Robbers who convinced him he was the reincarnated love of Faethril, the spirit who continued to posses Anyatka. After a fight to protect a ritual to permanently bind Faethril to Anyatka, Anricwulf regained his memories, though the knowledge he had come upon made him question his purpose and his fighting skill. Distraught, he traveled to Caras Galadhon for advice.

Anric is a protector at heart, but with a dry wit and little patience for naivety and incompetence. His dealings in Rohan has left him weary and deadpan, with a growing resentment for authority that seeks to enforce rules rather than deal justice. Having set aside his sword, he prefers a club; able to fight while still being able to wound without killing. He has recently expanded his jewelcrafting business to a generalized silversmithing, now creating dinnerware and housing decorations.

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