Boronbereth's long-suffering research assistant. Angamdir is young and brash, by Elven standards, but full of heart. He is an emotional being, and prone toward irritation. His biggest fault is, perhaps, that he falls easily to despair. But he is a loyal soul, and if not for his devotion to his master, Boronbereth and the Avarin temple of Elei ned Evair would likely have been lost forever.

He lives with Boronbereth at their research camp in Nan Tornaeth, and rarely leaves his master's side. The overworked young Elf is in charge of seeing to all domestic affairs, since Boronbereth cannot be relied upon to do them. Angamdir was also the primary caretaker for the young Avarin elleth, Niphredil, when she was left in Boronbereth's care. Niphredil has since gone on to unknown places along with her aunt, Irien, and Angamdir no doubt misses her deeply.

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