Amon Min

A large, tiered Gondorian ruins on a steep hill in the Windfells, in Enedwaith. The Wayfarers' Guild used it as a base camp when they marched to Enedwaith to do battle with their nemesis, Kalidah.

Kalidah, a mad but powerful Haradic witch, had kidnapped their commander, Oendir, and intended to use his body as a vessel for the spirit of her deceased son, Tar-Achas. Together with many allies, the Wayfarers clashed with her army of goblins, orcs, and wargs in the valley below Amon Min. After weeks of intermittent skirmishes, they were eventually victorious. However, they lost many allies, including the Dunlending Brehur Madugan, the giant Svindr, and the Lossoth seer Sokea-nakija.

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