Amelia Windview

Name: Amelia Windview, prefers Millie
Race and Heritage: Man, Bree-town
Age and DoB: 22, November 9th
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Hair: Long and dark, almost black. She keeps it in one long side braid, often woven with ribbons and leaves.
Eyes: Honey brown
Physique and Features: She's slight and willowy for a Bree-lander, with the angled jaw indicative of Cardolani heritage.

Family: The youngest daughter of the illustrious Windview family, who are as close to royalty as Bree-land gets.
Friends/Enemies: She's very fond of her childhood friend Nelson Leafcutter, and is delighted to be serving with him. She also admires Eruviel.
Pets: A shaggy, spotted pony named Peppermint.

Guild Role: Archer
Skills: Riding (1), Combat—ranged (3), foraging-herbs (2), hunting (2)
Aspirations: To escape marriage.

Other Facts

  • Her parents expect her to make an advantageous match. As the youngest daughter, she hopes to escape this fate. She delayed the debate by signing on for a tour of duty with the Wayfarers. Her parents were not pleased.
  • She prefers to be outdoors and alone, and is skilled in such unladylike pursuits as small game hunting, archery, and survival craft.
  • She's friendly, but rather shy. She doesn't like to talk about herself, but will ask lots of questions from more experienced adventurers.
  • She's incredibly accomplished at hair weaving, and can create all sorts of intricate, elegant designs. She likes to incorporate natural items, such as leaves, twigs, nuts, and reeds into her work.
  • She has a scar on her right thigh that she received within her first months of learning how to ride. While her parents tried to deter her from riding again, she was not swayed by the injury.
  • Most of her siblings find her hobbies and fascinations outright strange. She is closest with Eric, her brother nearest her age, who will on occasion join her when she goes out into the woods and fields surrounding Bree-town.
  • Millie began to learn archery in secret after she saw the eldest of her brothers compete in an archery competition held by the Hunting Lodge. Her family did not realize she had been learning it until they saw her in next year's competition.
  • Every so often she might be found talking archery with Eruviel and braiding ribbons in the Elf's hair.
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